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Feom: Su Hua Copper Alloy    Views: 2454    AddDate: 2015-03-17    

ASTM: C17510
Composition: CuBeNi
Characteristics: 1, High thermal and high electric conductivity.                      
2, Good strength &hardness.         
3, High tensile strength.           
4, High hardness       
Hardness(HRB): ≥95
Conductivity%(IACS): ≥50
Applications: 1, High flux electromagnets.             
2, thermal transfer plates.                 
3, Welding equipments.                 
4, Die casting plunger tips.                      
5, projection welding dies.                                            
6, Current carry shafts and bushings.            
7, Plastic injection mold tooling.             
8, Robotics etc.
Forms available: Round/rectangular bar:
Other forms:
Diameter :1-150mm
Thickness : 8-100mm
A full range of
Available upon request

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