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Suhua Copper Alloy Co.,Ltd. was founded in 2010. We are the professional and forerunner in the field of copper alloy R&D and manufacturing in China.  Our management team has nearly 30 year’s experiences in the field of copper alloy manufacturing.


The copper alloys we manufacture include : chromium-zirconium copper(C18150), chromium copper(C18200), nickel-silicon-chromium copper (C18000),  nickel-beryllium copper(C17510), Cobalt-beryllium copper(C17500), beryllium copper(C17200,C17300) , Zirconium Copper (C15000,C15100), Tellurium Copper (C14500) , Oxygen free copper (C10100/C10200) and copper nickel alloys(C79200/C79400)  etc..


The forms we manufacture include : Round bars, square bars, rectangular bars, hexagonal bars and different types of plates and sheets per customers’ requirements.


With more than 20 years of copper alloys R&D and manufacturing experiences, coupled with a full range of manufacturing equipments. Our manufacturing process starts with raw materials and ends with customized shape/forms copper alloys.  This enables us to supply high quality copper alloys at very competitive prices.


Over the past years ,we have earned a nationwide reputation for high quality materials at competitive prices ,quick deliveries and superior services.

Our materials are exported to Europe, North America, North-east Asia, South-east Asia etc.

Quality is an essential part of our manufacturing operations, our highly trained quality assurance team will do all necessary testings and inspections to make sure that all materials are met customers' requirements and expectations before shipping the materials to our customers.


Our copper alloys are mainly used in automobile industry, aerospace industry ,aircraft industry, appliance industry, consumer electronics, eletronic equipments, electrical equipment, foundry products, industrial machinery, machine tools, resistance welding industry, telecommunication industry, transportations(high speed train) etc. 


Our materials are being used by Volkswagon, Toyota, Hongda , Ford, GM, China high speed train etc.


Our factory, covering an area of 6,000 square meters, staffed with nearly 60 persons, is located in Gushan town, Jingjiang city of Jiangsu province, China. Our daily capacity is up to 6 tons. Space is available to make a quick capacity expansion.


If you can not find what you are looking for, please kindly contact our export company detailing as follows :

Rich Base Technology Co., Limited

Contact person : Steven Chang

Email : rbt_steven@shcalloy.com

MP : 86-1380-166-0687


You are welcome to visit us at any time !

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Address: Shiqiao tou, Gushan Town, Jingjiang City, JiangSu province, China
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